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We are a progressive school who would like to invite you to come and see what we can offer your child. We are a full primary school from 2012 running classes from Year 0 to Year 8.

We are a small family orientated school that was established in 1889. This makes us the oldest school in the area. Because of our age we have many old values that we treasure dearly.

A few are Honesty; respect; success; commitment; family participation

Linton Country School is very family and community focused. We cherish our community events such as ‘Lamb & Calf Day’, and use our back paddock to ensure every student has the opportunity to raise a pet and show it as their own.

Our Principal
Katy Marsh

Another one of the school’s treasures is our motto…

“Learning Together For Success”
Ka ako tahi kia angituu

This has been the school’s motto since the school was established in 1889, and we feel that it has stood the test of time and holds a lot of mana and relevance in today’s world.

As you get to know the staff you will see that we are an innovative team that is totally committed to ensuring the success of all our students.

We are proud of our leading edge technology that we use to challenge our students and keep them up to date with this fast changing world.

Thank you for taking the time to see what a great school we are and what we have to offer. Please drop in any time to see us in action!

  • Linton Country School is quite close to Palmerston North, but we are really in the country.
  • We are a small school. Our school is neat. We have lots of room to play in our playground.
  • We have a back paddock where we have animals, and where we build huts.
  • We don’t wear a school uniform all the time, but we do have a bright blue and yellow sports uniform.
Aims of Linton Country School
  • Provide a secure, safe and happy environment
  • Build self respect and respect for others
  • Celebrate individual success and growth
  • Identify and provide opportunities for individual talents and abilities
  • Establish a warm and positive learning environment
  • Provide a full and balanced curriculum
  • Achieve high standards academically and socially
  • Foster our special rural values

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