• New pupils are enrolled by the Principal. It is helpful if the enrolment is done prior to the starting date, but we know this is not always possible.
  • New Entrants need proof of their age so a birth certificate or passport is needed. All five year old children need an immunisation certificate at the time of their enrolment.
  • School transport assistance is available for those living more than 3.2 kilometres from the nearest appropriate school. Please ask the Office Manager for the application form. (eg all of Scotts Road, most of Millrick Line)
  • It is helpful if your child has visited school before starting. Visits are usually a month in advance and may be arranged with the junior teacher. The number of visits depends on each individual child, although two mornings and one afternoon visit are normally sufficient.
  • New Entrants should be able to dress themselves and be able to take shoes off, and put them on. They should know how to flush a toilet, wash their hands, and wipe or blow their nose. Familiarity with a lunch box and schoolbag is useful.

      Parents may become involved in school life in any of the following ways:

  • Providing materials for school use
  • Talking with groups of children about their interests
  • Sharing a special skill or ability
  • Assisting in the Library
  • Listening to children reading
  • Helping with transport on school trips
  • Being involved in PTA activities
  • The PTA plays a very active role at our school and provides support for our school through social events and fundraising events.

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